And then a Brick fell on Hubby’s Foot!


Hello readers! Last weekend we made the six hour trip to Guelph and it actually went reasonably well. The cats mostly slept, we shovelled down food like champs at a rest stop, Toronto traffic wasn’t terrible and we arrived tired but still happy. The only real glitch in the beginning was the movers in Ottawa just deciding not to show up–Assholes–but two good friends of mine helped out which was awesome.:)

The next day was spent unpacking the truck and it was a bit bumpier.

The cats were mixed up, particularly Pierre, who decided to caterwaul and hiss outside the bedroom door all night and by the time the burly movers arrived, I was already tired. They did a good job moving all the heavy stuff around, but my fatigue grew and grew and by the time all of our parents were deciding how our house should be arranged, I was getting cranky.

I mean they helped out and meant well, but I am well kind of a control freak and need things a certain way. We also rearranged the TV and couches around a bunch of times, until I said, “Ok, that’s fine, leave it like that”

Which was ignored which made me even more cranky and then my father-in-law told me to chill. Urg.

But that’s not even the best part, the best part came, when we tried to turn a non-TV cabinet into one by stacking bricks and boards on top of it and one of the bricks fell on Hubby’s foot, followed by a string of curse words. Ouch!! (Yeah, not the best idea we’ve ever had)

But the next day after lots of sleep, I began to feel bad for being so grouchy and really appreciated the good job everyone did.

So now, we’re here and I love it. It was a bit of a shaky beginning, but considering we went halfway across the province with three animals and all our stuff, I think it went pretty well.


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