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Art, Movies and Whatnot:


Tim Gagnon:

Personal and Cooking Blogs

Abstract Random:

All Kinds of Hungry:



Correr Es Mi Destino:

Diary of a Turtlehead:

Dreaming in the Dark:

Fame Throwa:

Femme Writes:

Flavoured Echoes:

Foggy Dew:

Food Wishes:

Frenchless in France:

From Nat’s Brain:

Get off my Lawn:

Hella Stella:

Hug in a Cup:


iLax Studio:

It ain’t meat Babe:


Life is Ducky:

Life of K:

Little Insomniac Lolita:

Living in the Kitchen with Puppies:

Lone Grey Squirrel:

Marie’s Blog Café:


Mindful Merchant:

Mighty Girl:

Mean Old Mommy:

Mod Mischief:

Pieces of Me:


Punch it In:

Thoughts Appear:

Violet Sky:

Wendi Aarons:


Notable Links:

Egale Canada:

Liberal Party of Canada:

Population Connection:

World Land Trust:

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